F.G.A. srl – Mechanical construction and machining


F.G.A. srl di Chiarano (Treviso) is a company that has been operating for over 20 years in the field of mechanical engineering and construction, made up of a group of people with previous experience in the industry, distinguished by the avant-garde and quality of its buildings, the close and effective relationship with customers and the timely delivery of highly-skilled, high-precision, high-skilled work.


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The plant develops in an area of 2400 square meters, where the various departments are located: cutting, carpentry, mechanical machining, painting and assembly.

F.G.A. srl has paid particular attention and sensitivity to the issues related to the health and safety of workers with constant prevention and management of them.

The technical office has state-of-the-art computer systems dealing with programming, testing and machining of numerical control machines.

Among the activities there is surely the mechanical components and construction of artifacts that thanks to the collaboration with external firms can be provided complete with thermal and surface treatments.

For several years F.G.A. srl carries out the construction of special machines and plants on customer’s design. The company is able to provide, where required, both design and construction, complete with commissioning and related documentation and certification C.E.


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